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Светящиеся воздушные шарыBalloons create a joyful atmosphere especially at children's parties, weddings, anniversaries. Of these, you can create entire shapes and compositions. Balls - an economical method to set the mood for a fun children's birthday home.

Glowing Balloons is a novelty in the field of visual accompaniment holidays. Beautiful, impressive and very inexpensive - these secrets of the popularity of this innovation, which sometimes has a magical effect on your emotional impact not only on children but also adults.

Glowing balloons can fly even more than two days. If you want such a lasting effect, we recommend that you contact the LIGHTBALL.PRO company specializing just on decorating the premises balloons and creating a unique fairy-effects from their use. Filling glowing balls composition of Ultra Hi-Float, here they really provide a long flight, and the monochromatic LEDs glow, flashing or adjustable, to help create the necessary mood in decorating the ceremonial hall.

They fly and glow in the dark, creating an unusual illumination of the ceiling in the room, or fly into the air, leaving behind an impression of a fairy tale, a beautiful and elusive. These balls can be an unusual gift for the woman he loved, designed to bring a romantic mood. And these balls, vypushennye the sky an anniversary or a wedding, will delight each and every guest. With regard to children's holiday, the room filled with these balls - literally every kid's dream, which will certainly be in the future to remember this impression.

Running luminous balls in the sky can be made even more spectacular, if not just send in the flight of a large bunch of balls, but to create one heart, picture, figure, indicating a birthday, for example. In the night sky it looks very symbolic and amazing. By the way, skillful designers and designers will create for you LIGHTBALL.PRO figurative composition of luminous balls and help launch it into the sky. This is a spectacular flight will cost you at an affordable price.


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