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Я - Мама!

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Hello, I'm - Mom. So you looked to see us in our cozy little world in which recently lived quite small, but very clever and sociable girl, my daughter Bunny.

Here she enjoys sharing his first impressions and dreams, and doing it with all the childlike and touching candor. In her world, every little event, and sometimes even at all, and NEsobytie full of meaning and perceived it as something amazing and funny. Zaykin diary and photo album will grow with my baby and capture many moments of wonderful children's pores.

In addition, Daddy and Mama's pages you can watch through the prism Zaikov   parental perceptions and our concrete experience. These records are also worthy of attention, because your own child as anyone else, knows how to build for moms and dads entire maze filled with both incident and absurdity, and the greatest meaning. Those of our children help us to know ourselves.

He also has a little brother, Bunny, who will also keep records on his page. Here you and your children are waiting for a note the boy about his life, about dealing with his sister, about their own interests.

Also on the site Zaykin already written the first pages of "Mother's Encyclopedia, which hopefully will be   updated with your help, dear parents. Please send us your articles about motherhood, fatherhood, childhood, the corresponding set of rubrics.

In the end, you can simply talk and leave comments, make your profile, communicate with each other, post stories about their own baby and share their photos.

You are always welcome at Zaykin site. Here we have created a huge world through which we can better understand their children and make them even if only for a drop, but happier. And in the happiness of each droplet is a diamond.

In the collage used painting "Mother and Daughter"

Artist: Alexey Kharlamov




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