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Again, the frames of the village

Daddy 's page - His father's notes

Bunny again threw a theme for a poem. Not that she, as a cheerful cartoon, which she watched. And my very subjective sense of humor - has come up with a new story in verse, which suggest that you read. The more rural theme with us in the old quarter are often rises. For some frivolity please forgive me and accept this opus only as an alternative history of a young specialist in the fictional village.


Daddy 's page - His father's notes

  In the world of a lot of things funny. It is all around us, you have to just be able to spot and capture. Thanks to cell phones with cameras - it has become accessible to everyone. So I plucked up a small collection of "funny pictures, although, frankly, is not entirely clear - it's fun or is it" laughter through tears. " This theme is not new, it has been continuously operating on the internet, and many satirists she was not averse. I do not claim to originality, I just want to share their concerns and show you what I once, "he smiled."

The first place photo on the doors of the maternity ward waiting room of a small town where I went provedyvat wife, when she wore a bunny in tum.

VETERANS. With the holiday on May 9!

Daddy 's page - His father's notes

And were able to survive and win,
Not been able to lay before vorogom knee.
And the word caustic, dangerous - "treason"
You could ever forget.

Stalingrad, Kursk,
Brest, near Moscow
In Warsaw, Prague, and finally - in Berlin
Through bullets, barricades and booby
You are able to protect their native land.

Iron Logic

Daddy 's page - His father's notes

It was already quite a while. I was not married to Mama Bunny and her mother on Big Brother bunny, although it is not important for this story is, as they say, to explain the situation and restore the historic surroundings.
So. I have one friend Sergei (we played with him a little, he and his group I'm with her ​​on all sorts of stats), great guy, intelligent, charismatic, goal-oriented, which is not important to the story and is given only for the fact that though some describe this character.

My child - a ranger!

Daddy 's page - His father's notes

Gathered to go abroad to Ukraine. As expected, fees, vanity and all that.
When all were collected, remembered the passport. And if his wife found the document very quickly, then I plumb gone.
Where not only looking for! Began to recall the last time I saw this the right thing. I remembered that he once pulled off the table bunny, but who she chose and did it all, nobody could not remember. Started looking at her toys. To no avail. The trip was on the verge of collapse.

Cones for Bears

Daddy 's page - His father's notes

My daughter Bunny, like many Russians, helluva lot like bears, and that they sometimes kosyachat more than other animals, it really does not care. However ...
Zaika really like the cartoon about a bumbling foreign Bear Bernard , and without " Masha and bears "a day can not live. True say hello to Bear "has not yet said, because they do not speak the language of a free country Albany. Distort the words she herself knows, in his own way in zaykinski. Also Telegram her poem about a bear collecting head bumps. That's because the last character and the poem appeared, which I place on the public ..

Play the piano il just play?

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Daddy 's page - His father's notes

        Puzzled today a few questions:
1. As there were keyboard instruments, including pianos and piano?
2. How long do I need to learn to play piano?
3. Why does the word "piano" called the casino?

I can not say that this issue is one of the most important in my life, but, after rummaging in the storerooms of the World Wide Web and found the following information, which is shoveled, and I give you. Suddenly, someone else is interested?


And life goes on ...