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Зайкин сайт - сайт для детей, сайт о детях... Лучший сайт для всей семьи! Детский сайт по взрослому. Родителям. Детям. Всем. Игры, музыка, фильмы, книги, полезные советы. Зайка - самый известный ребёнок Рунета!


Site for children website about children, written on behalf of a child - that's what awaits you on this resource. When the set of children's resources on the web, this site tried to absorb myself the best that I would like to see it on a children's site, a site for children, website for children.

Children's Site - this is like a breath of fresh air in a smoke-filled city, where tired parents have forgotten how they themselves were children.   But by logging onto this site for children, they must plunge into the holiday spirit of childhood and pampering. And also incidentally learn a great deal. After all, children - it is a boundless world full of different surprises.

  Website about children - it is really very much can be learned about these beautiful creatures, living side by side with adults. Sometimes the world they are so fragile that one wrong word can ruin it. And really want to thanks this website for children - it did not happen.

Site for children. That's how it was intended originally. That every child could go to this website and found this information on yourself and about yourself. For the game, learning, recreation and interesting pastime. Children just have to enjoy this site for children, as it is for them and about them.

  Games, music, movies, books, tips and more can find children and their parents on this site, because Project Zaykin site is conceived as a family site, which will possibly all, regard to family relations, entertainment and leisure.

  This portal is useful for children, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, lovers and fall in love, married and divorced, big and small.   All!


You may ask, is this all there is on this site. We, the administrators of this family-friendly portal, with the answer was - YES! And even if there is still something and not then very soon it appears that children and their parents could find it all that heart desires.

This introduction is the first article, which only lifts the veil of what is already there and what else will. Project Zaykin site "looks forward to a long cooperation with you, our dear users. And in this category in the future there will be another set of key articles, so that you do not get lost in a huge amount of material on this site for the whole family.

Portal consists of six parts.

1. "I - Zayka"

Here is a material that conducts little girl (with, respectively, of their parents), she talks about how it grows, what happens with it, that she cares. In the title of the site reads "Children's site on the adult." It is this fundamental part of the portal make it so. Because the girl says to you as an equal, and the mouth of the infant is more than ever. And not far off when Bunny become the most famous child Runet!

2. "Mommin's page"

Leads them Mama Bunny.

This topic introduces you to everything that concerned mothers around the world. Issues of conception, pregnancy, parenting and children's education, children's problems and joys. Different approaches, a lot of advice, a huge selection of information. And, of course, here you can learn much about women's health and female beauty.

3. "Daddi's page"

Leads them Daddy Bunny.

Sometimes it happens that fathers in this world, very few take the time to their children. Whether from lack of time, whether from a lack of information. That's just this topic carries with it the purpose to fill these voids and educate exemplary fathers. Here you can also learn about male issues, interests, and their views on women.

  4. "My Brother"

Category that manages a ten-year kid (for now), who also, like Bunny, will guide you through your life. Interests tomboy, who very soon will move into the age of the teenager must not remain indifferent to a huge part of our population, even though these same boys like himself.


5. "Family Television"

Here you can find the TV channels for every taste: children's television, with lots of informative and entertainment channels, television for the whole family, thanks to which   You can gather the whole family at the monitor or TV (if it is connected to the computer) and to spend time; channels for Men   and channels for women. Also, your attention is presented more than 40 radio stations. Look, listen and enjoy.

6. "That's interesting"

And this part is a set of search queries that   interest in many   Internet users. Just list them.


Also on this site you can create your own profile, meet and communicate with each other, to get to your mailbox, shares his life experience directly. A little later (if you want it) on this site will Zaykin forum for boys and girls of different ages. Even for those whom we call parents, because sometimes I want to go back into a beautiful time of my childhood.


And finally we can say that each of you has the opportunity to become a co-author and a journalist of the resource. All you need to do - to register and click "Add news".

  Site of the children. Site for children. Site for the whole family! Children's site in an adult. Parents. Children. All.

       Come on in, you will not regret!



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